Have a look at Basic Trigonometry

he main question that should arise in your mind is what is basic trigonometry? We will see basic trigonometry ratios and its meaning in the next sections.

Basic trigonometry formulas in detail

Basic trigonometry formulas can be divided in two parts. First is basic trig ratios. Trigonometry ratios are actually gives relation between sides of right angle triangle and respective angle of same. For more details on these Right angle triangle ABC and trig ratios for it, are given below.
basic trigonometry formulas

For this, sin X = opposite side / hypotenuse,

cos X = adjacent side / hypotenuse,

tan X = sin X / cos X

= opposite side / adjacent side.

cosec X = 1 / sin X

= hypotenuse / opposite side

sec X = 1 / cos X

= hypotenuse / adjacent side

cot x = 1 / tan X

= cos X / sin X

= adjacent side / opposite side

second is trigonometry identities which are given below,

sin2 X + cos2 X = 1

sec2 X = 1 + tan2 X

cosec2 X = 1 + cot2 X

sin(-X) = -sin X

tan(-X) = -tan X

cosec(-X) = -cosec X

cot(-X) = -cot X

cos(-X) = cos X

sec(-X) = sec X

Basic trigonometry problems with solution

Now we will see some basic trigonometry problems and improve our trigonometric knowledge.

Problem 1: For following figure find the length of opposite side and hypotenuse.
basic trigonometry problems

Solution : For above diagram tan 45o = opposite side / 3

so, opposite side AC = 3 * tan 45o

= 3

and cos 45o = 3 / hypotenuse

so, hypotenuse BC = 3 / cos 45o

= 4.24

Problem 2 : For following figure find the value of angle X.

basic trigonometry problems solution

Solution : Here, tan X = opposite side / adjacent side

= 4 / 3 = 1.33

so, X = tan-1(1.33)

so, angle X = 53.06o.

This problems provides basic trigonometry help for all the basic trigonometry examples. In the same way, trig identities are useful for solution of trigonometry problems.

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