Detailed information on what is theoretical probability

Wondering as to what is theoretical probability? Well, the basic theoretical probability definition states that it is the probability that an event will take place that is based over all of its possible outcomes. Basically, it is associated with probability and as per the theoretical probability definition math, it is an analysis that is carried out over random occurrences.

A look into theoretical probability formula

Let us initially assume a random experiment that is expected to take place. For this random experiment, we will assume that A is an outcome. Herein, for this purpose, A is to be considered as being an event. So, in order to calculate the theoretical probability of this event, the theoretical probability formula that is to be used will be:
theoretical probability formula

If truth be told, finding the theoretical probability is extremely easy. By following the simple formula given above, it would be extremely easy for you to do so. Just be careful with your calculations! 

A few theoretical probability examples

If you want to understand theoretical probability in a better manner, it is best for you to check out a few theoretical probability examples. These are going to go a long way in making it easier for you to understand how it is to be calculated using the formula given above. Here is the first example of theoretical probability for you to consider:

1. There is a bag at hand that contains around 8 blue marbles, 10 red ones along with 2 yellow marbles. Now, what you need to do is find the theoretical probability of the acquisition of a blue marble.
Considering that there are a total of 8 marbles, the number of favorable outcomes would therefore be: 8 On the other hand, there are a total of 20 marbles, which signifies that the total number of outcomes would be: 20
Therefore, the calculation would be:
theoretical probability.

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