What is normal probability distribution?

The term normal probability distribution is used to denote a normal distribution curve or a commonly used bell shaped curve. It is typically believed that normal distribution is the perfect model that represents various dependent variable measurement operations in statistics.

A look into normal distribution definition

As per the basic normal distribution definition, random variables are believed to have a normal distribution in case they have normal probability distributions that are bell-shaped and symmetric. The bell curve that these form looks like this:
normal distribution 

An easy normal distribution example

Let us now consider a normal distribution example of a standard normal distribution. Through these normal distribution examples, you would be able to better understand its concepts. Let us suppose that 95% of the students at a school are between 1.1m and 1.7m tall. The normal distribution percentile for this information will be:
 normal distribution percentile

What are the properties of normal distribution?

Understanding the properties of a normal distribution would make it extremely easy for you to understand basic statistical data. A few basic properties of normal distribution are:

  • It has a symmetric shape – half normal distribution will represent the other half too

  • The normal distribution problems have a bump in the center, whereas the distributions tail moves down and out to both sides

  • The median and mean of distribution are the same

There are many different kinds of normal distribution, all of which although have their very own qualities, their basics remain the same. These are inclusive of cumulative normal distribution, inverse normal distribution, truncated normal distribution, skew normal distribution, bivariate normal distribution and even multivariate normal distribution. There also happens to be a log normal distribution.

Solving normal distribution problems

Solving a few practice normal distribution problems is highly recommended for you to be able to grasp a better insight into it. So, make sure that you practice through a few problems, and when doing so, focus on standard deviation and mean as well.

Normal Distribution Video Lesson

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