The most famous mathematicians in today's history

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The greatest mathematicians have shaped our understanding of the world and fuelled the progression of modern life and society. It is difficult to say which mathematicians truly were the greatest, though the most famous list of mathematicians always includes the most original and compelling thinkers – these are people who have helped significantly in our understanding of nature.

The history of mathematicians stretches back to much earlier than most people expect. Artifacts prove that mathematical principles were being developed and formalized thousands of years ago, and the earliest evidence is 4,500 years old. Geometry was a mature field by the end of Ancient Greece (with the famous Pythagoras and a host of other Philosophers). Euclid is one of the earliest famous mathematicians. He founded the school of mathematics at the ancient university of Alexandria and formulated many early theorems of geometry.

The biggest leap came during the Enlightenment with one of the most famous mathematicians – Isaac Newton. Newton is regarded as one of the greatest mathematicians because he co-invented calculus (alongside the prodigious mathematician Gottfried Leibniz), and for his revolutionary work on the laws of motion, optics and geometry.

One of the most influential mathematicians is Leonhard Euler. He took advantage of the work of Newton and Leibniz, developed modern trigonometry, and created methods and notations that are still being used today. Many of the common mathematical operators were introduced by Euler. Another highly famous prodigy was Carl Gauss, who demonstrated amazing ability from a very early age and is perhaps the greatest prover of theorems who ever lived. One of his most significant accomplishments was developing the modern form of complex numbers.

These are some of the greatest and most influential mathematicians, though the world saw many more in the 19th and 20th centuries. Mathematics is now such a wide and intricate field that today’s great mathematicians can never hope to be as famous or influential, but the contribution of the latest generations is still extremely important for human understanding and development.

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