The basic volume formulas that you should know about

Wondering what volume really is? Well, to define volume in its most basic form it is the three-dimensional space that a figure basically occupies. When you work on a volume calculation, you basically need to work using cubic units.

Information on how to calculate volume

If you are interested in finding volume using volume formulas, then here is what you basically need to do:

1. Finding the volume of a cube

In order to calculate the volume of a cube with the help of a formula volume, it is necessary for you to know the length of at least one side of the cube. The basic formula that needs to be applied in order to calculate the volume of a cube is a3 or a x a x a wherein a = length of one side of the cube.


2. Finding the volume of a cylinder

The basic formula that is to be used for the calculation for volume for a cylinder is that of: pi x r2 x h. Herein, pi is a value that equal 3.14, whereas h is the height of the cylinder and r happens to be its overall radius.


3. Calculating the volume of a rectangular solid

If you are interested in calculating the volume of a rectangular solid, then the formula for volume that would apply here is that of: l x w x h. In this formula, l = length of the rectangular solid, w = width of the rectangular solid, and h = its standard height.


4. Finding the volume of a sphere

Considering that you have a sphere at hand and would like to learn how to calculate volume of a sphere, then the formula that you need to apply for the said purpose is that of (4 × π × r3)/3. As we already know, the value of pi = 3.14, whereas r is its radius.


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