Information on how do you find the volume of a cylinder

Before anything else, let us initially clear out what a cylinder actually is. Basically these are simple geometric shapes that have two parallel, and equally sizes bases. If truth be told, finding the volume of cylinder is extremely easy, and students typically don’t have much problems in doing so.

What is the formula for the volume of a cylinder?

The formula for the volume of a cylinder is truly very simple. If you want to find the volume of a cylinder, then the formula that you need to make use of is: V = hπr² wherein h is the height, and r is the radius of the cylinder.


Here’s how you need to go about using this formula:

To begin with, it is necessary for you have knowledge about the radius of the circular base in order to work on the formula volume of a cylinder. The radius of either circle would be fine considering that they will be of the same size. Let us suppose that the radius of the circle is 2 inch. Now, you need to also know the height of the cylinder to be able to work on the formula for the volume of a cylinder. Here, let us consider that the height of the cylinder is around 6 inches. Here’s how you need to plug in these values to the formula that will help you see how do you find the volume of a cylinder:

V = h πr

V = 6 Π 2²

When you calculate the values here, the expression is then going to become:

V = 6 Π 4

Upon calculating the values here, we would find that the volume of the cylinder comes down to being around:

V = 24Π

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