Want to learn about translation in math? Let’s help you out!

Trying to figure out for your next class as to what is a translation in math? Well, let’s help you out a bit here. See, translation in math is basically a term that is meant to denote a simple movement. This particular movement basically occurs without any resizing or rotations or anything else at all taking place – a mere movement.

Still not clear as to what is a translation in math?

Alright, let’s clear things out for you through a simpler translation definition math. A translation basically takes place whenever a shape is moved or slid without any flipping or rotations. On the whole, the shape is going to retain its original form, the only different that is going to occur is that it will be found in a different place after the movement. Now, in order for a translation to take place, every single point of the shape has to move in the same direction, and must cover the exact same distance.

See, when you want for a translation to take place, you basically need to slide an object in a particular direction and at a fixed distance. This way, the translation, along with the original object are going to retain their size and shape and would additionally be facing in the very same direction as well. with a translation, you are basically going to formulate a figure that will not just retain its orientation, but length or distance as well. Moreover, it is going to be congruent to the original figure too.

When a translation takes place, the follow properties are actually preserved:

  • Measurements of the angle

  • Distance

  • Orientation

  • Midpoint

  • Colinearity

  • Parallelism

Basic example of translation in math

Need to go through an example of translation in math to understand it better? Well, then check out the math translation examples given below. Remember, the blue figure is the actual image, whereas the maroon one is its pre-image after the translation: 
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