What you should know about transformations in math

If truth be told, when students initially get started with transformation math, they typically conceive it as being extremely hard, but honestly, these are a whole lot more fun than you can imagine. Here’s a look into what these really are:

A basic transformation math definition

The term transformations in math is basically used to identify the four different ways in which any shape, point or line can be manipulated. When it comes to math transformations, the ‘pre-image’ is basically the original shape of whatever object is being manipulated. On the other hand, the term ‘image’ is used to denote the final position and shape that is taken by the object once the transformation is complete.

Introduction to the various types of transformations

There are various different types of transformations. All in all, transformations math can be categorized as being either a:
1. Rotation
2. Translation
3. Dilation Reflection

The term rotation is meant to denote a figure that is to be rotated around a point at a particular degree. Translation occurs when a figure is slid in just about any direction. When a figure is enlarged or reduced, it is termed as its dilation, whereas reflection occurs whenever a figure is flipped on a line. Here are a few examples to help you understand these concepts better:


A look in to what is a transformation in math

Still wondering as to what is a transformation in math? Well, let’s give a better, more easily understood transformation math definition. To put it simply, a transformation takes place when a shape is moved in such a manner that although it takes on a completely different position, it continues to retain its original area, size, line lengths and angles. The basic moves that are part of a transformation are inclusive of flip, slide and turn.

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