A basic similar polygons definition

As per the simplest of similar polygons definition, similar polygons basically happen to be those in which every single corresponding side is proportional and every single corresponding angle is congruent. All through your academic years, you would frequently be asked to find the measurements of sides and angles of varying figures, and that’s exactly where you would need to make use of polygons.

A few similar polygons examples

Understanding the concepts associated with similar polygons is extremely easy, but with the help of a few examples, things should be a whole lot easier for you. Here are a couple similar polygons examples that are sure to help you understand these better:


Now let’s work on a problem wherein we basically need to find the measure of angle P along with the values of x and y:


To go about doing so, we initially need to write down the proportions for the corresponding sides, which cross-multiplication would need to be used to acquire answers:


Now, when it comes to the part where the angle P needs to be found, you would actually notice that angle S and angle P are corresponding ones. So, as per the definition of similar polygons:

angle P = angle S = 86°.

A look into the properties of similar polygons

When you define similar polygons, you would find out that these are polygons that basically have the exact same shape. Here are a few properties of similar polygons:

  • Their corresponding angles are always equal
  • Their corresponding sides are to be in proportion
  • It is necessary for the ratios of varying pairs of their corresponding side to be equal
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