What is rotation? Let’s find out!

As soon as you have acquired ample knowledge about geometry and algebra along with their basic concepts, the next step for you in school would be to acquire information as to what is rotation. Just to get you started, a geometry rotation takes place each time that a shape, like a triangle is basically graphed and then moved about a center of rotation in such a manner that it gets reflected over the x-axis or y-axis, or in some cases both.

What is a center of rotation?

Center of rotation is basically a point that does not change its location even when the object is rotated. In simple words, when it comes to rotation in geometry, it is actually the point over which the object comes in contact with the axis.

A look into a 90 degree rotation

When comprehending the concepts associated with math rotation, it would be necessary for you to learn about 90 degree rotation. Here is an example that would help you understand the concept of rotation of 90 degrees better. In this example, a rotation by 90 degrees takes place:


The basics of geometry rotation rules

There are certain geometry rotation rules that you need to bear in mind when learning about the rotation math definition. See, we already know that the term rotation depicts anything that is turned around a center. Now, here are a few rules that you need to know about:


An example of rotation

There are countless example of rotation that we see on a daily basis in our lives. For example, when a door is opened or closed, the door or its plywood is rotated over its axis or the hinges to which the door is originally attached.

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