All that you need to know about reflection geometry

As per the simplest definition of reflection in geometry, it is basically a transformation that takes place where in the figure attained is actually the mirror image of another. In terms of reflection geometry, every single point is located at the exact same distance when measured through the central line or the mirror line. Also, the size of the reflection is the same as that of its original image. Here’s an example of a reflection: 

What is a reflection in math?

To clear things out, a math reflection as per the simplest reflection math definition is a simple transformation that allows for a figure to be reflected across a line, thereby resulting in the creation of its mirror image. When getting to understand as to what is a reflection in math, you must also know that a reflection can additionally be called a flip.

What’s a horizontal reflection?

A horizontal reflection is one wherein a plane figure is flipped over in a horizontal manner. What you should know here is that in terms of a horizontal reflection, there would be a vertically placed axis of reflection.

Information about graph reflections

When it comes to graph reflections, these are basically considered in the form of quadrant points, wherein points (a, b) are reflected upon to the second quadrant point (a, -b). Here’s an example that would help you understand this concept better:


The most basic geometry reflection rules

Here are a few basic geometry reflection rules that you must know about:

  • A reflection formed over a line has the potential to create a mirror image
  • All the corresponding points over the original shape are placed at the exact same distance from the mirror line or the centre
  • The size of the reflected image is the same as that of the original figure

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