Basically, What are Polygons:

What are polygons? Let us define polygon to have a clear picture. Any geometrical shape with finite number of line segments connected in a manner to form closed loop is known as Polygon. Thus definition of Polygon states that it can have any number of lines provided they form a closed loop. It's a 2D representation of Polytope with any number of line segments.

Well-Known Polygons shapes of Geometry:

Triangles, Rectangles, Squares, Pentagons are some of the well-know polygons shapes of geometry. They could be either regular polygons or irregular polygons. Regular Polygons is the one with all sides and angles equal. One more way of classifying them is on the basis of their internal angle. If any internal angle is greater than 180°, it is called Concave polygons else it is Convex. If a polygon intersects itself, it is known as complex polygon. If it doesn't, it's a simple one.

Check out the pictures of polygons & understand better:

Figure given below shows pictures of polygons & their classification. For simplicity, Polygon with 5 sides are shown to have better understanding.


Examples of polygons that are used frequently:

Triangle, Quadrilateral, Pentagon & Hexagon are common examples of polygons. These polygon names itself indicates number of sides present in them. For Example, Tri-Angle has 3 sides, Quadrilateral has 4, Pentagon has 5 & Hexagon has 8 sides and so on.

Some of the important Properties of polygons:

Now let's have a look at important properties of polygons. One of it is that of total angle. We all know that sum of angles in any triangle is equal to 180°. Now if we want to find total sum of angles in any other Polygons, we need to divide it in number of triangles and than calculate the total sum. As for example, Any Quadrilateral can be divided into 2 triangles which gives 2 * 180 = 360° as its total angle. Any Pentagon can be divided into 3 triangles yielding 3 * 180 = 540° as total angle.


Video lesson about Polygons

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