Kite Geometry & its types:

Kite geometry definition states that any quadrilateral could be considered as a kite provided that both the pairs of adjacent sides are of equal length. A parallelogram also has two pairs of sides with equal length but the equal sides are located opposite to each other and hence they don't fit in kite properties. Figure below shows a kite.


In special case, all sides of a kite could be of equal length, the kite geometry defines it as rhombus. If a kite has all the four interior angles same, than all the sides are also of same length. This kind of geometry kite forms a square. Kites are of two types viz. Convex and Concave. Convex kite is shown above whereas a Concave kite is the one which has any one of its interior angle greater than 180°. Though it does not actually look like a kite, all properties of a kite work well for Concave kite.

Some important properties of a kite:

To understand various types of kites and some important formulas, go through below mentioned kite properties.

(1) The diagonals of a kite intersect each other at right angles. This is clearly shown in above diagram.

(2) Area of the kite can be calculated in many ways. Two important ways are given below.

Area = da * db/ 2, where da & db are length of both diagonals.

Area = ab sinC, where a and b are length of 2 unequal sides and C is the angle between them.

(3) Perimeter of a kite is given by 2a + 2b where a & b are lengths of two unequal sides.

(4) The opposite angles of a kite are always equal irrespective of the type of kite.

(5) A kite can be a square if all angles are equal or a rhombus if all sides are equal but not the angles.

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