A look into a basic indirect measurement definition

Before going into the details of indirect measurement, let us initially clarify a basic indirect measurement definition. These are basically a technique that makes use of proportions in order to find measurement in cases where it is impossible for direct measurements to be taken.

Consider these indirect measurement examples

Here are a few indirect measurement examples that would make it possible for you to understand as well as define indirect measurement in a more simplified and easily understandable manner. Consider this example:

It is given that the length of a pole given in a picture happens to be 4 inches. Now, in terms of the scale of the picture, it is given to be around 1 inch : 13 inches. In order to find the length n of the pole, you basically need to set up a proportion. When you solve the proportion, you would basically receive the length of the pole which is n to be 52 inches.

So how do I solve indirect measurement problems?

At first, students might believe that solving indirect measurement problems is extremely hard, but believe it or not, these are actually very interesting and easy to work on as long as you pay attention to them. See the one thing that you should know about indirect measurement word problems is that these basically make use of the properties of similar polygons in order to acquire lengths or distances that are just about impossible to be directly measured.

Now, consider that you have a flag pole and a person as two objects for your problem. The shadow of the flag pole is nearly 20 ft, whereas there is no information given in terms of its height. The height of the person is around 5 ft, and its shadow comes down to being around 10ft. Moving on, it is necessary for you to create a proportion between the height of the pole or x, and the height of the person overlapped with the shadow of the flag. Upon performing cross multiplication, you would acquire 100 = 10x. Considering that you need to isolate x, you basically have to divide both of the sides by 10, upon which you would receive x = 10. This proves that the flag pole’s height has come down to being 10ft.

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