Standard area of a triangle formula:

The standard area of a triangle formula explains how to find area of a triangle. It is given by Area = ½ Base x Height. You can take any side

as the base of triangle provided that the height is a perpendicular drawn to base from its opposite vertex. This concept is shown below.

Finding the area of right triangle:

Knowing the length of any two sides of a right-angled triangle is sufficient to find the area of right triangle. The two adjacent sides other than hypotenuse are at right angles to each other and can be considered as base and height in the above formula. If hypotenuse and any other side is given, the next adjacent side can be known using pythagoras theorem and triangle area can be founded.

Finding the area of isosceles triangle:

Isosceles triangle is the one with two sides equal. If the base is known, height can be founded considering right triangle that it forms using base. Than above formula can be used to find the area of isosceles triangle.

Finding the surface area of a triangle:

Surface area of a triangle can be given by finding the semi-perimeter of triangle and than applying it to Heron's formula. So how to find area of triangle using Heron's formula? It can be done as Area = √(s*(s – a)*(s – b)*(s – c)).

Finding the area of a equilateral triangle:

All the sides in a equilateral triangle are of same length. Hence knowing a single side and pythagoras theorem is enough to find the area of a equilateral triangle. The formula for area of an equilateral triangle is given by 3a2/4 where a is the length of its side.

Finding the area of a scalene triangle:

Heron's formula can be used to find out the area of a scalene triangle. If you know the length of all sides, than Area = √(s*(s – a)*(s – b)*(s – c)) where s = ½ (a + b + c). Knowing any two sides and the included angle also helps finding the area. In that case, Area = ½ ab sin C.

Finding the area of obtuse triangle:

Heron's formula discussed above also holds true for obtuse triangle and hence can be used to calculate the area of obtuse triangle. Thus we have learned finding the area of a triangle using different formulas and mechanisms.

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