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The quadratic formula is one of the core teachings of algebra. They can be quite difficult to solve, and many students face problems with quadratic equations and equations with higher order terms. We are here to help make things easy with a helpful and easy-to-use quadratic formula calculator program. With our help you can find out the answers very easily.

While linear equations can only have one solution, quadratic equations can have two separate solutions (real or imaginary), or a dual solution. The value of 'x' can be found by using the quadratic equation, but a more elegant way of finding the solution is to factor (remember that not every quadratic allows you to factor). There is an easy method to do this, and we recommend that you learn the factoring process to solve quadratic equations quickly.

You can use our quadratic formula calculator online if you are having difficulty finding the solutions, or if you want to check that you have the right answer. This powerful quadratic formula calc is very useful, and very easy to use. Click on the algebra tab, and then enter the quadratic equation that you would like to solve. To find out the solutions or roots to the equation, select 'Find the Roots' from the drop down box. The roots will be provided below. You can also see the factored version of the equation by selecting 'Factor'.

The solving quadratic equations by factoring calculator also gives you a graph of the function, and you can also find out other important aspects of the function such as the minimum, the leading coefficient, the domain and the range. This calculator is one of the easiest ways to solve your quadratic formula online, and if you use it properly it can really help you get to grips with this tricky aspect of elemental algebra.

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