Linear Equations Calculator Online

Students are first introduced to linear equations at the very start of algebra. At this stage the student should be able to understand how to rearrange equations to find the answer to variables. With this linear equations calculator online you can find out the answer to any linear equation. Use the linear equations calculator to improve your knowledge and strengthen your skills.

A linear equation is an equation where the leading variable term is a linear term. This means that in a linear equation, there are no squared terms or higher order terms, and as such any linear equation can be written in the form ax + b = 0.

While linear equations are one of the simplest forms of equation, they can still be tricky to deal with if the student is inexperienced or does not properly understand the concept of variables. The student should first know what variables are, and how to manipulate variables and equations, before they solve and graph linear equations. And while the topic is simple enough at first, linear algebra becomes much more difficult when the student is introduced to simultaneous equations (systems of linear equations). Here there will be more than one variable that must be solved, and more than one equation given.

With the solving linear equations calculator you can find the variables for any linear equation. If you have tried different ways to find a solution to your problem but have failed, this calculator will really help you out. It includes functions for dealing with both equations and inequalities, and lets you visualize the solution with a graph view. With the graphing linear equation calculator you can find out how to correctly graph functions, and with the systems of linear equations calculator you can solve linear sets of equations for multiple variables.

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