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Use the Greatest Common Factor finder and find the highest common factor between any set of numbers. Our free math solver is super easy to use and gives you an effective way to build your knowledge and find the answers to questions in almost every area of mathematics.

Numbers are the basis of mathematics, and an important skill that you learn early on at the pre-algebra stage is to find relationships between sets of numbers. It can be a difficult task to get to grips with the theory and the methodology, and there is no way to improve other than to practice. If you want to become proficient at finding the relationships between numbers, then you must put in lots of practice.

The Greatest Common Factor (GCF), otherwise known as the highest common factor, is one such relationship that defines sets of numbers. But what exactly is it? When given a set of numbers, the highest common factor is the largest number that you can multiply by to achieve that set of numbers, or in other words, the largest number that divides the set of numbers into whole numbers. GCFs are very useful when simplifying fractions – dividing the numerator and denominator of a fraction by the GCF gives you the simplest version of that fraction.

With our find Greatest Common Factor calculator you can quickly find the GCF for sets of numbers of any size. The GCF calculator function is available in ‘Pre-Algebra’. Simply add the set of numbers that you want to find the highest common factor of (separate each number by a comma), and then select the function from the drop down box. You can not only factor out the Greatest Common Factor calculator; you can also find other important relationships such as the Lowest Common Multiple, as well as statistical relationships such as the Average, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation and Range.

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