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The domain and the range are two important aspects of a function. The basics of the domain and the range are easy to understand, but there are various elements that can trip you up. It is all too easy to give an incorrect or incomplete domain or range, but you can avoid this problem by using the domain and range calculator online.

The domain of a function – usually defined by the ‘x’ variable – is the set of all possible input values that x can take. The range – usually defined by the ‘y’ variable – is all the possible output values that y can take. There are many cases where you can enter absolutely any input x value and gain a valid outcome, and here the domain is said to be over all of the real numbers. There are also many cases where you can achieve absolutely any output y value, and here the range is over all of the real numbers.

However there are many cases where this is not the case, and this is where the student faces more of a challenge. The real difficulty with this topic is knowing how to find out which numbers of the domain/range are forbidden, and providing the correct notation.

With this easy online domain calculator you can improve your ability to define ranges and domains, work out the answer to a question you are struggling with, and make sure that your answers are totally correct. The domain range calculator identifies any forbidden numbers and gives the answer in the correct notation. Simply enter a function into the domain and range of a function calculator, and then select ‘Find the Equation Domain and Range’ from the drop down box. This tool makes it easier to develop and solidify your understanding of domains and ranges.

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