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Elemental mathematical operations, such as addition, multiplication and division, are bound by a number of different rules and properties that allow us to manipulate numbers and equations. From the associative property to the distributive property, as well as orders of operations, there are many different rules and properties to follow and things can get very confusing if you are not careful. With our free distributive property calculator you can solve and simplify equations.

The distributive property is when one operation distributes itself over other operations located inside brackets. This property is frequently used in algebra when simplifying and rearranging equations. Let's give an example of how the distributive property works. To work out the answer of 2*(1+2+3), we can first add up the numbers in the brackets and then multiply by 2, to give 2*(6) = 12. However, we can gain the same answer by using the distributive property: multiply the 2 by each number in the bracket (the distributive property), and then use the operations inside the brackets to get to the answer: 2*(1+2+3) = (2*1)+(2*2)+(2*3) = 12. You should remember that not every operation is distributive – you should learn which operations are and which aren't.

Simplifying and rearranging equations with the distributive property can be confusing, and so to help you out we have provided a distributive property calculator online. The distributive property calculator uses this property (as well as other properties when they are valid to use, and the order of operations) when you simplify an equation. Simply enter the equation you would like to simplify and then select 'Simplify' from the drop down box to show the distributed answer. Note: a distributed answer won't be given if the distributed form is not the simplest form!

Use the distributive property calculator free and simplify any equation. Use the distributive property calculator online free to learn more about this important topic and succeed.

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