Scientific Notation Definition

Let's check scientific notation definition for better understanding of it's uses:

Consider some big numbers or small numbers that are universal constants. If you want to remember them, one way is simply mug up all the digits and the points which is definitely not a convenient one. To overcome this drawback, scientists provided definition of scientific notation. So let us understand what is scientific notation? A effective and unique way of representing too small or too big numbers in decimal format is known as scientific notation. They have so many useful properties that they are frequently used by all technology experts, engineers, mathematicians and scientists. Even the modern scientific calculators uses scientific notations.

Normally in scientific notations, numbers are expressed in the form of a * 10b i.e. a multiplied by 10 to the power of b. Here a being a real number, and the exponent b is an integer. Its possible to write any number in the scientific notation. The easiest way to write the numbers in scientific notation is to put the dot after first digit and than need to drop out all zeroes. Now count total shifts required to reach end of number from the decimal place. For ex. If you have a number 135,000,000, we should put the decimal after 1st digit and than if we count the exponent in right direction ,it comes to 8. So the above number can be expressed as 1.35 * 108. Now What is the scientific notation of a small number 0.0000000323?? . Here we need to shift towards right until we get a non-zero number at decimal place, i.e 8 times. Hence the scientific notation for the above number turns out to be 3.23 * 10-8. The numbers expressed in this kind of formats are easy to remember rather than generic format.

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