Learning About Types of Functions Variety

When you get started with functions, you would also get to learn about the varying types of functions that are used. Let’s take a look into a few of them:

1. The constant functions

Amongst the countless different types of functions, there are constant functions which are basically functions whose values do not tend to vary – they are ‘constant’. For instance, if A and B happen to be two non-empty sets, then the function f that moves from A to B is going to be called a constant function so long as the f range remains to be a singleton. For instance, if A= {1,2,3} and B= {a,b,c} then:
constant function

2. Polynomial function

These are basically functions that take up the form:

polynomial function

Herein,  polynomial function with real numbers   basically happen to be real numbers, while n is to be considered a positive integer. Such a function is basically one that is known as a polynomial function of the degree ‘n’.

3. Quadratic functions

Quadratic functions are basically polynomial functions that have a degree 2. In terms of their general form, these are written as:

quadratic functions

4. Logarithmic functions

Amongst the countless function types, there are logarithmic functions in which the variable comes to appear as the argument of a logarithmic. To help you understand the concept better, for it is a tad bit hard to apprehend, here is an example:

logarithmic function

5. Cubic Functions

As we know, there are varying types of functions and amongst them, there are cubic functions as well. These are basically polynomial functions that have a 3 degree attached to them. In their most general form, these are typically written as:

cubic functions

Apart from these, there are countless other types of functions as well. When you get down to working on them, you would actually be in a better position to understand them better, thereby enhancing your mathematical knowledge of functions.

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