Solving functions: A basic look into how to solve functions

If truth be told, when you get started with Algebra, you really wouldn’t need to solve functions. Right in the beginning, you would actually be given the definition of a function, and then ask you to find the value of, let’s suppose, f(7). This would mean that you basically need to enter the 7 into the expression, towards the right side of the equals sign. So, an equation is going to become something like:

F(7) = 3(7) + 2

When you compute the equation, it would be:

F(7) = 21 + 2

F(7) = 23

The standard idea behind solving functions is that when you input something into it, you are going to get something out of it. The output basically depends on the input, for which reason you need to be extra careful when picking your inputs.

Now, let’s consider another example where you have a function:
solving functions

Here, if we consider the value of x as being 0, or if we substitute x with ) where the function becomes f(0), then this particular function is going to become:

function become 0

Now, if we consider the value of x as being -1 or f(-1), then the outcome of the function is going to become:

outcome of solving functions

In order to help you understand solving a function in a better manner, here is another example that is sure to help you out. In this example, we need to find the value of x, wherein f(x) = 4. Now, in order to solve this equation, you first need to substitute 4 for f(x). This means that the equation would become:

F(x) = 4

Working on the equation, it would become:

F(x) = 2x + 2

This means that:

4 = 2x + 2

Moving on, you now need to solve the function for x. This means:

2x + 2 = 4

Now, to get the value of x, you need to subtract 2 on both ends.

2x + 2 – 2 = 4 – 2

This leads us to the outcome that

2x = 2

Now, divide both sides by 2 and you would get:

2x / 2 = 2/2

The final output is therefore going to be x = 1
solved function


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