Solving exponents: It isn’t as hard as you might think of it

So People, students typically, tend to think of solving exponents as something that is intensely complicated. This particularly holds true for those who are working with them for the very first time. But the truth is far from that. Now, as a reminder, exponents are basically used to represent the number of times that a particular number, which is known as the base, needs to be multiplied by itself. In order to solve exponents, there are certain steps that you need to take and rules to consider when working with powers. Here’s a look inside them: 1. The first rule of solving for exponents In order to simplify exponents, you need to multiply the base by itself as per the number of times mentioned in its power. For instance, if you have 4 to the power of 8, then that would mean:
solving for exponets

The result of 4 to the power of 8 is going to be 65536 or 4 multiplied by itself 8 times.

Solving negative exponents

The rules for solving negative exponents tend to be a tad bit different. When it comes to solving these, you basically need to divide one by the base that is to be raised to the exponent. Once done, you can solve it just like you solve for exponent. For example:
solving negaitve exponets

Solving exponents given in fraction form

Now, if the exponent is given in the form of a fraction, then the denominator is to be considered as the root of the base number, whereas the numerator of the fraction is to be used to raise the base to a power. 

solving exponents in fraction form

4. Solving exponents by factoring the base

Another means of solving exponents is by factoring the base. For this purpose, you would need to make use of basic multiplication rules. The factors basically need to be used in order to make an analysis of the root or power, along with their respective opposite expression, which are inclusive of the utilization of the reciprocals of the exponent. For simplification purposes, please consider the following example:

solving exponents by factoring the base

Now, to help understand the calculations better, here’s an example:
example of solving of exponents

All in all, it is extremely easy to solve exponents. Just keep the rules mentioned above in your mind and you would be able to do a great job! 

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