Scientific Notation Examples

Representing numbers using Standard Scientific Notation:

Standard scientific notation states that the notation should have a number only from 1 to 9, it should be followed by decimal and all significant figures and the exponent of ten.

Example: Let us write Standard Scientific Notation of some numbers.

(i)859 = 8.59 * 100 = 8.59 * 102.

(ii)0.0056 = 5.6 * .001 = 5.6 * 10-3.


(iii)5643 = 5.643 * 1000 = 5.6 * 103.

Thus we obtained standard scientific notation which is very simple and universally used.

Representing numbers using Negative Scientific Notation:

The negative scientific notation could be a bit confusing to some persons. But believe me, it is not at all confusing if you understand the basics of scientific notation. The negative sign to the numbers in the notation comes only when whole number is negative. If the exponent is negative, it doesn't mean that the number is negative, rather it means that the number is a positive number but too small.

Example: Let's see both types of examples to avoid confusion.

(i)-7743 = -7.743 * 1000 = -7.743 * 103. which is a negative number.

(ii)-0.00423 = -4.23 * .001 = -4.23 * 10-3 which is a negative number.

(iii)0.00423 =4.23 * .001 = 4.23 *  10-3 which is a positive number.

Representing numbers using Decimal Scientific Notation:

The decimal scientific notation is also similar to the standard scientific notation as we have seen above. One variation to it is the engineering notation in which the power of exponent is always in the multiples of 10.

Example: Let's see the examples for decimal notation.

(i)86400000 = 86.4 * 106 which is engineering notation.

(ii)86400000 = 8.64 * 107 which is standard notation.

Thus we have studied various types of scientific notations and example of scientific notation.

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