Real Numbers Definition

Such values that are not complex or imaginary and can be represented as terminating or non-terminating decimal expansions are real numbers.
Why real numbers are called "Real Numbers"?
Real numbers are called so because they are important part of our real life and are used for making measurements such as calculating attributes of anything like distance, cost, temperature, weight , length , width etc.

 Let's check for all real numbers symbol

The symbol ℝ is used as all real numbers symbol.

Difference between real and complex numbers:

The word ‘real’ distinguishes the real numbers from complex or imaginary numbers ( as discussed in real numbers definition )which are used to define the mathematical interpretations of certain effects such as those in electric phenomena. The complex numbers are represented by ‘i’ which is called iota where

iota formula

Real numbers can be ordered (true for both rational and irrational numbers) which is not valid in case of imaginary numbers. For Example : The numbers 1,7,3 can be ordered as 1,3,7.


Now , let’s discuss what is a real number or what numbers are included in real numbers.

Real numbers include rational and irrational numbers where rational numbers include positive and negative integers , whole numbers , natural numbers ,fractions and decimals [terminates or have repeats]. Irrational numbers include decimals expansions that never terminate and never have repetition of digits. The infinity of irrational numbers is greater than rational numbers.

Examples of real numbers

1. 22 or 4 ( rational and natural)

2. 1 /2 or 0.5 (rational )

3. root of twoor 1.414…. (irrational)

4. -1/10 or -0.1 (rational , negative integer)

5.Pi number (irrational )

6. 0/2 (rational ,whole number , integer )


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