Help with Pre-algebra Assignments

Looking for help with pre algebra? Your search ends here. Pre-algebra help deals with preparing your algebraic knowledge right from the beginning, thereby making the base strong. Pre-algebra deals with each of the following topic right from the base.

  • Number fractions, decimals and powers of ten.

  • Rounding numbers, ratios and proportions.

  • Geometrical operations.

  • Equations and their graphs.

  • Number line and pie chart

  • factors, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

  • Exponential, scientific and radical notations.

All this topics constitutes the main part of math pre algebra. It is advised that students should go through pre algebra online course and brush up their teeth for advanced algebraic studies. Not wasting the money, you can also go for free pre algebra tutorials that would cover maximum of the syllabus. It is better to go for online pre algebra rather than offline materials as this would cover all the latest topics and problems. You can also get help from online experts and let others solve their problem too.

A look at pre algebra word problems:

The pre algebra word problems are meant to provide an effective overview of the subject. You can find wide number of word problems for all the algebraic topics. Lets see couple of them.

(1) The sum of two numbers is 9 and their product equals 20. Find the numbers:

Let the numbers be x and y. Then we have x + y = 9 and x * y = 20. Substituting value of y from 2nd equation in 1st, x + 20/x = 9 or x2 + 20 = 9x i.e. x2 – 9x + 20 = 0 => (x – 4)(x - 5) = 0. This gives x = 4 or x = 5. Similarly y = 5 or y = 4. Thus two numbers are 4 and 5.

(2) A number divided by 4 is 9. Find the number:

Let the number be y, then y/4 = 9 => y = 36. Thus the number is 36.

Idea on pre algebra homework help:

The pre algebra homework help is meant to guide you for making the homework stuff easier. You can get free pre algebra help from various online books and can go through them to enhance your knowledge of the subject along with the pre algebra help for free. Considering the vastness of the topic, this is least you should do to be an expert of algebra.

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