What is median?

Median definition can be divided into two categories:

1. It is the middlemost number in a list having odd number of data arranged in an ascending order
2. It is the mean of the middle two numbers in a list having even number of data arranged in an ascending order


Below is a list of marks of students in Biology quiz with 30 maximum possible mark

27 , 12 , 16 , 15 , 11

Now , let’s find the median in this set of data values


  • To find median , we will first re-arrange the data set in ascending order like this

11, 12 , 15, 16 , 27

  • There are 5 (odd ) number of values .

  • Using 1st definition of median , we find the middle number. Hence, 15 is the median here


If the list given in Problem1 is changed like this

27 , 12 , 16 , 15 , 11, 7

Find median for this list


  • First re-arrange the list in an ascending order like this

7, 11, 12 , 15, 16 , 27

  • Using 2nd median definition as we have 6 (even) number of values here , we calculate median as
    median formula

    So , 8.5 is the median here


    In general , the following median formula is used for finding the median
    general median formula

    where n is the number of values in a dataset


    In order to have cluster analysis of large dataset , the terms range ,median ,mode ,mean are frequently used where mean , mode , median are three different measures of central tendency .Mostly , mean and median are used interchangeably but the fact is mean in contrary to median is as similar as average.

    Among mean ,median ,mode and range , mode and range are quite peculiar as range is the difference between largest and smallest value while mode is the value that appears frequently.

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