Different kinds of Median Examples:

Median got numerous application around. There are many places where we need median to play its role. Some popular areas where median is used are data sample, population or a probability distribution. Median also used for measure of location and dispersion. Median get used in graphs. We will focus on some further. The median examples are,

Calculate the Median of a set of a number :

To calculate median of a set of a number say even and odd. They got bit easy task for odd numbers where as for even numbers the process gets little bit awkward. For odd numbers say 12645. To find median we need to sort it from least to greatest. Now we will have 12456 as result. In this as we can see in finding center number we have equal amount of numbers at both the side i.e.1 2 4 5 6.So for this our median would be 4. Just a way for even numbers say 1243, we need to sort it as per odd’s process and we get 1234. Now select the middle two numbers keeping same amount of numbers else sides. And we left with 1234. Now take average of middle two numbers i.e. (2+3)/2 = 2.5. This is our median of a set of numbers.

Calculate the Geometric Median :

We can find geometric median by an iterative procedure that generate more accurate approximation with every steps. It is calculated by the fact that distance to each sample point is convex hence the sum of them would be convex too. There are various algorithm for this approach for example the algorithm called Weiszfeld’s algorithm.

Learn about Median Graph:

Taking graph of median is the next example of median. Each tree is a median graph. Another examples are the grid graphs, a square-graph, simplex graph, cycle graph with specific requirement to be called a median graph. All of this have their own applications which are vast this days.

So you have seen few median examples and had a good understanding on it.

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