Learn about linear equations through linear equations examples!

They say that the best means of learning about something is by example. The same definitely does hold true for linear equations. The best part about learning about linear equations through linear equations examples is that the entire process gets to become a whole lot more exciting and fun. This way you would be able to rest-assured that you aren’t going to get bored when learning about linear equations. Here are a few examples of linear equations that are going to help you understand them in a much better manner:

A few basic linear equations examples

The most basic form of a linear equation is y = ax + b. Here, x basically tends to be an independent variable, whereas y is typically considered as being the dependent variable. As for a and b, these are basically constants. Now consider this example:

Y = 2x + 5

Here, the constant a = 2, whereas the constant b = 5.

Let’s consider another example, wherein:

y = -3x + 2

In this example, the constant a = -3, and the constant b = 2.

y = -3x + 2 with a = -3 and b = 2

Here are a few other linear equation examples:

1. y = 3x – 9

2. 5x = 8

3. Y + 2x – 2 = 0

4. y/2 = 3

Now, there also comes the part where you need to learn how to formulate a graph of a linear equation. It is highly recommended for you to check out a number of different examples in this regard in order to make sure that you understand the graphing of linear equations in a more easily comprehensible manner. Here’s what a graph of a linear equation actually looks like:

linear equations example

Through these linear equation examples you would have surely realized that learning about linear equations is actually a whole lot of fun. The best part is that with the right amount of practice, you would actually be able to master writing and graphing linear equations in a short period of time! 

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