Imaginary numbers and what you should know about them

An imaginary number as per any imaginary numbers definition is one that provides you with a negative result whenever it is squared. Basically, it works like this:
imaginary number

Now, the thing is that whenever you square a real number, you would always get either zero or a positive result, right? For instance, if we square 2, that would make it 2 x 2 = 4. On the other hand, if we square -2, we would get (-2) x (-2) = 4 for the simple reason that when two negative values are multiplied, they give a positive result.

So, how would it be possible for us to square a number to be able to achieve a negative result? Well, basically, here we need to ‘imagine’ that we can do so, which is the reason why these numbers have been given the name ‘imaginary numbers’. Basically an imaginary number is going to give us:

i × i = -1

Now, when you take a square root over both the sides, you are going to get:

imaginary numbers formula

This shows that I is basically the answer of the square root of -1.

Information on the History of imaginary numbers

It is believed that it was Heron of Alexandria, a noted Greek engineer and mathematician to came up with the idea of imaginary numbers, but it was actually back in 1572 when Rafael Bombelli had actually formulated the multiplication rules for these numbers. However, it wasn’t until later when Carl Friedrich Gauss and Leonhard Euler began using them.

What is a pure imaginary number?
Now in terms of a pure imaginary number, this is basically just about any number that can be given the form bi, in which I = the square root of -1 and b is a real number apart from 0.

Imiginary Numbers Video Lesson

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