How do you find the median using different methods?

Technically we have two methods to calculate median. First method is to find the median in a sequence of odd numbers. The second method is to find the median in a sequence of even numbers. We will explain each with three steps respectively. First of all we will be calculating median for odd numbers and then we will be calculating median for even numbers.

Find the Median using Median Formula :

Median formula for odd numbers can be calculated as follow. Sort all the numbers from the set to least to greatest. And if they are scrambled, start with lowest number and end to highest number in a line. For example 53172 -> 12357. Applying median formula find the number that is exactly in center just making it sure that median would have the amount of numbers before it and after it are same. For example 1 2 3 5 7. This says that 3 is in exact center. Thus we can apply simple logical formula for median and can find it which in this example is digit 3. Now how do you find the median for even numbers? The method below is for finding median for even numbers. Just short the set of numbers from least to greatest. For example 2314 -> 1234. As we can see for even numbers there always will be two numbers in the middle. Here we got 2 and 3 in middle. Now find the average of the middle two digits that will go as per our example 2.5 . This is our median for even digits we had. Thus we can easily find out median of any given odd or even numbers. 

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