Distributive Property Examples

Problems related to Distributive Property with Fractions

Distributive property works well with fractional numbers. Here's an example of Distributive property With Fractions.

(i) Find the value of x in the expression (x+7) * (5/7)=10:

            Applying distributive property to above equation, we have (5x/7) + (7 * 5 / 7) =10

            => (5x/7) + 5 = 10 or (5x/7) = 5, Solving it we have x=7

            Now putting 7 in the original equation, we have (7 + 7) * (5/7) = 14 * 5 /7 = 10. Thus the result is verified.

Problems related to Distributive Property with Variables:

            Distributive property with Variables involves use of various variables in the property. The property remains same provide that multiplication and addition/subtraction is used at appropriate places. Example of distributive property involving variables is given below.

(ii) Find the product of  3x(x2 - 2x +1):

            Applying distributive property to above equation, the obvious answer is  3x3 - 6x2 +3x.

Problems related to Distributive Property for Real Numbers:

            Distributive Property for Real Numbers applies to both product of sum as well as difference of numbers. Here are Examples of distributive property with numbers.

(iii) Find product of 35 and 25:

            Let's use both addition and difference in the distributive property. Than we have

            35 * 25 =(30+5) * (30-5) = (30+5)*30 – (30+5)*5 = 30*30 + 5*30 - 30*5 – 5*5 =900-25 = 875. Thus we have used property for summation as well as difference in the same equation and got the solution to it.

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