Absolute Value Problems

Let's find out more about Absolute Value Word Problems and how to solve it

Absolute Value Word problems explains how maths is being applied in the real world. This kind of word problems can be converted to an absolute value problem and than can be written in symbolic form and even can be graphed on a number line. The Absolute Value Problems with word shows that maths is present everywhere. You use it in your daily life but are not aware of it. Let's go through an example which would make this properties of absolute value more clear.

Example for Absolute Value Word Problems and  Absolute Value Properties:

(i) Consider that Sac is having a bank balance of $40. Now Sac owes $25 to the credit card company and $20 for a loan to the bank. If both debts are being paid, Calculate Sac's account balance:

Solution: Sac needs to pay the debts to credit card company as well as bank. Total debts = $25 + $20. That comes to $45. But he is having only $40 in the account. Hence Money left in his account would be equal to $40 - $45 = -$5. Normally the balance won't go in negative. Negative balance signifies that a person is in debt. Hence applying absolute value properties and mathematical logic, we have |-$5| = $5. Thus we can say that Sac is still in a debt of $5.

(ii) Michelle wants to buy a nail polish collection worth $35. She pays $100 to the cashier. How much she would get in return from the cashier?

Solution: The original cost of the item is $35 for which Michelle pays $100. So the amount cashier would be returning is $100 - $35 = $65 which is a positive value and hence it's absolute value would also be the same. Thus Michelle would be getting $65 back from the cashier.

Once you look at this absolute value word problems, you get to know that this is what you have been dealing throughout the day. Learn maths like this and I bet it's gonna be fun.

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